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Our Mission

Our mission at HiveMind is to guide each journey with immersive data experiences to explore, innovate, and excel in a world reshaped by data.

At HiveMind, our compass is set by the ever-evolving landscapes of data and discovery. We chart this journey with a steadfast commitment to not just educate, but to inspire each individual who joins us.

By weaving the latest industry insights into our curriculum and fostering a community rich in collaboration and mentorship, we ensure every learner finds their path to innovation and excellence.

Our mission thrives on the successes of our explorers—your victories are the milestones that mark our progress. Together, we’re not just navigating the future; we’re creating it.

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Our Values


At the heart of innovation is our love for discovery and the courage to tread uncharted paths. Every day, we’re inspired by the possibility of what can be, fuelled by the collective imagination of our community. It’s about dreaming big, experimenting boldly, and embracing each failure as a stepping stone towards breakthroughs.


Our commitment to integrity goes beyond mere words; it’s woven into the very fabric of our actions. We believe in honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct, not just because it’s right, but because it builds a foundation of trust and respect. It’s about doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Curiosity is our compass, guiding us through the vast landscape of knowledge. It drives us to ask questions, seek answers, and venture beyond the familiar. In this endless quest for understanding, we find joy in every discovery and growth in every challenge. It’s a journey of constant learning and wonder.


Striving for excellence is our way of honouring the potential within us all. It’s not about outshining others, but about lifting each other up, pursuing our best with humility and grace. Excellence here is a shared endeavour—a commitment to improvement that benefits everyone in our circle.


Our belief in collaboration is rooted in the power of collective wisdom. By bringing diverse minds and hearts together, we unlock greater insights and creativity. It’s about building a supportive environment where every voice is heard, every contribution valued, and every success celebrated together.


Embracing adaptability means moving gracefully with the ebb and flow of life. In the face of change, we remain resilient, open to new perspectives, and ready to evolve. It’s about being flexible in our approach but steadfast in our mission, ready to meet tomorrow with optimism and agility.

Our Journey.

Reflecting Your Path
in Ours

HiveMind started because we saw ourselves in everyone who felt stuck in traditional learning—trapped in theory, yearning for something more alive, more flexible. We imagined an educational space that mirrors life’s unpredictability, where learning adapts, grows, and thrives alongside you. It’s a journey we embarked on together, building a community where curiosity leads and real-world challenges guide our way. In HiveMind, you’ll find your questions, your challenges, and maybe, a bit of your own story reflected back.

The people that shape us

Meet Our Team

Madalina Mihailescu

Founder and Head of Operations and Education

Madalina Mihailescu

Equipped with a PhD in Data Science and a strong background in mathematics, finance, and economics, Madalina began her educational journey teaching A-level students, eventually advancing to postgraduate teaching.

She is enthusiastic about sharing her love for learning. With a skill for making data analytics clear and engaging, she has designed bootcamps that simplify complex concepts. HiveMind is her dream project, aimed at empowering learners to see the simplicity in data and inspiring them to discover their own potential.

Andra Stefanescu

Strategic Advisor

Andra Stefanescu

Andra's journey, blending over 10 years in tech strategy and operations with her expertise in International Business and Law, mirrors HiveMind's core principles. With a focus on navigating change, driving growth, and fostering inclusivity and mental wellness, she's instrumental in shaping strategies that resonate with our drive for creativity and community connection. Her approach, emphasising empathy and adaptability, enriches our mission, guiding us towards creating impactful and sustainable pathways in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Andrei Tapurin

Head of Technology and Innovation

Andrei Tapurin

Andrei brings 10 years of software engineering expertise to life with his love for AI and data analytics. His journey with us is more than just about tech; it's about building a community where innovation meets curiosity, and integrity pairs with collaboration. He's dedicated to making learning an adventure, ensuring every step is filled with discovery and practical wisdom, helping learners and the team alike navigate the thrilling world of data.

James Buckley

PR & Communications

James Buckley

Meet James Buckley, our vibrant freelance journalist, copywriter, and proof reader. James brings a fresh perspective to storytelling, having contributed his sharp insights to the Daily Telegraph and News UK. When he’s not weaving compelling narratives or dotting the i's and crossing the t's, you can find him immersed in music at his piano or lost in a book. James embodies our ethos of continual learning and innovative thinking.

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